Monday, September 9, 2013


When preparing for traveling abroad, always make lists. Such as:

  1. A list of what you need to take
  2. A list of what you will need to buy
  3. A list of everything you need to do before you can leave
  4. A list of people to send postcards to
  5. A list of places you want to go
  6. A list of what apps I need to download
  7. ect.
Then when packing, make a list of what you are taking, so that when you get over there, you don't frantically search your bag for your blue polka dot scrunchie that goes perfect with your "first day out on the town" dress. You will know what you have when you get over there, and you will know what you need to bring back! My sister and I packed the majority of my bags last week, and made a detailed list. Such as:

  1. 3 cardigans: black, maroon, teal
  2. 4 sweaters: yellow, yellow colorblock, sea foam, Hermoine
  3. 3 Long Sleeve tops: blue flowerdy, yellow, and yellow striped
  4. ect. 
It can also be helpful to make a list of outfits able to be made from the articles of clothes you are taking. There is no sense squeezing in your favorite plaid romper if none of your sweaters, shoes or leggings match it! Pack smarter not harder. Make a list of what CAN be worn with certain items. Such as:
  1. Blue Dress: black cardigan, teal sweater, yellow colorblock sweater, black leggings, black tights, black heels, navy flats, nude flats. 
  2. Sheer long skirt: black skirt, any sweater, black tank, grey tank, teal top, black heels, nude flats
  3. ect. 
Finally, the best lists are those composed on the plane ride. I always take a few minutes out of the hours I have in the air to reflect on what I really want to do. If you are flying with a friend, like I am, its a great way to figure out what you MUST do, what you COULD do, and what you WON'T do! If you have an idea of what you want to get accomplished, it is much easier to plan for it! Such as:
  1. Must go to Croatia, the UK, Venice, and Monaco
  2. Could go to the Louvre, Big Ben, Cologne, and Netherlands
  3. Won't go to Russia. 

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