Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The city of Barcelona is amazingly bright and unique! The streets are filled with laughter, art and sunshine; The exciting sites and tastes make up for a spectacular experience; although the city may seem affordable, there are definitely ways to save some Euros!

For food, head to La Rambla, a main street in the city and check out the weekend market! Vendors come to sell their fresh produce and creations at a very fair price. Whether you are looking for fresh fish to cook at your hostel or apartment, or you just want a pick me up snack of an empanada or fresh juice, there is something for everyone here! It's always bustling with people, so it will make an authentic and delicious stop on your way!

Also, try out local tapas bars. Tapas are Spanish appetizers that make a perfect meal! Keep an eye out for buy one get one deals, many Tapas Bars have somewhat of a "tapas happy hour"! There are many choices that can please a diverse group of taste buds, and they are filling enough to serve as Lunch or Dinner! 

And for dessert, don't forget churros y chocolate! The fried dough is delicious dipped into the sweet melted chocolate and will be a perfect end to your day's adventures!

For sightseeing, you must check out what puts Barcelona on the map! First, the  Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece! Started in 1883, but still in construction today, the two unique facades characterize the original and the new artist's style. Use your student ID to get a discount into the church to check out the bright stain glass inside! It truly is a sight worth seeing!

Then head to Parc Guell, which is covered with beautiful flowers and Gaudi's famous mosaics!

There is so much to see in this huge amazing city, so save time by hopping on the metro! Get a multi-day ticket, or pass for ten trips, both are more affordable then buying single fare tickets and will help you see everything on your checklist! 

So bring your appetite and sense of adventure and explore the artistic city of Barcelona! 

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