Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Known for its party hostels, thermal baths,and historic statues, Budapest is a
must see in Europe! Here are some tips for getting hungry, and thirsty, in Hungary. 

First, when you arrive and stop at an ATM, don't faint when you see the conversion amount. That would lead to someone stealing you Debit card and your passport to adventure! Just kidding, but one hundred USD= 27,383.50 Hungarian Forint, so when I made my first cash withdraw I was a bit shell shocked. But luckily, forint goes a long way in Budapest! 

We decided to stay in a party hostel. You know, when in Rome, or this case Budapest. Retox was the name of our chosen hostel. It was very affordable, since it was a 16 bed mixed gender room. We were a little concerned going into it, but the facilities were very nice, providing linens and towels for our stay in the price. When staying in a hostel, always travel with friends, and bring a lock. Most hostels have lockers for your backpack and valuables, not that I suggest leaving anything too valuable in the room. Rotate who brings toiletries, like shampoo and soap, to leave more room to share with your travel mates. And don't be afraid to book the cheaper rooms with more beds, a penny saved is a penny you can put toward something fun! After all, you will just be sleeping in your room!

I suggest only taking out the amount of money that you will think you will need for a few days, and keeping it on you, in a safe location. Most tourist cities are packed with pickpockets, so just be careful when you are out and about! If you can separate your money into an inner pocket and your purse, so if something does happen, you will not lose it all. A money belt or passport holder that goes under your clothes is a great investment when traveling the world!

Take advantage of the delicious street food vendors! Some Hungarian specialties include lángos, fried flat bread topped with anything from cheese, sour cream, or sausage; goulash, a stew made with potatoes, veggies and meat; kurtoskalacs or chimney cakes, sweet spiral bread cooked rotisserie style and coated in sugar and cinnamon; and let's not forget sausages! Another one of my favorite meals we had were gyros, which are not traditionally Hungarian, but where we stopped made their own pita and sauces, and would fill yours however you wanted it! With so many affordable good eats, it is easy to eat well on a budget!

Traveling the world can be stressful, so take some time for yourself and visit one of Budapest's thermal baths. We went to Szechenyi, which has large indoor and outdoor pools ranging in temperatures, as well as steam rooms, saunas and full spa services. We went in the winter, so it was a delightful sensation to retreat from the cold air by slipping into the heated water!

Budapest had a wide selection of free walking tours. The city is large so bring your walking shoes and make sure to give your guide a tip! The city has statues sprinkled all over it, and many have stories and traditions connected to them, such as rubbing or patting them for luck. Another sight you must see is the Chain Bridge, which crossed the Danube River and connects Buda and Pest, the two parts of the city.

If you are in the city for the party atmosphere, make sure to stop in Instant, the club/bar that spans multiple floors and themed rooms. It feels like traveling through decades and countries based off the décor and music; it definitely makes for a good time! Just watch out for people who have indulged too much, as the city is known for a lifestyle of debauchery! Or take a nighttime river cruise, where you can have a beautiful view of the light up buildings from the Danube, and the price of the ticket includes a battle of champagne!

No matter why you go to Budapest, you will be glad you did! Make the most of your money, and don’t forget your camera and your walking shoes!

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